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Sharing in the Holy Month

Friday, 29 August 2014

Sleep become a major preoccupation for maintaining stamina, in order to be able to effectively do any kinds of activities. In relation to these factors, many people try to transform their bedroom in order to have the most comfortable bedroom as possible. To the extent that picking the right mattress to sleep is very crucial.

Choose the right mattress which can deliver both comfort and support. In terms of support system, a good mattress should be able to  support the spine. If the mattress is too soft, the body will sink. Meanwhile, if it's too hard, the shoulder will be pressed upwards. It is obviously not good for your back. Your back and shoulder need to supported equally and balancedly.

The right mattress should be able to make a little pressure, at the same time minimize the disturbances and movements, and eventually sleep will become more comfortable. However, not everyone is fortunate enough have the right mattress to sleep. Therefore, still in the atmosphere of Ramadan, PT Duta AbadiPrimatara (DAP) along with Lotte Shopping Avenue (LOVE) program held a Wonder Ramadan Program.

This activities entitled "Buying Yourself A New Mattress Will Help", were held to improve customer's loyalty and quality and it took place from June 23rd until July 6th 2014. The exhibition of these quality products in the mattress industry such as King Koil®, Serta®, Tempur®, Florence®, and Stressless®, the reclining chair from Norway, was held at the Main Atrium Ground Floor LOVE.

During the exhibition, customers are able to trade-in their old mattresses to buy a new mattress, and the old mattresses will go for donation. Every old mattress collected will be fully donated to the Nusantara Foundation and Sekolah Kami.

Nusantara foundation is an orphanage established in 1991 by Lorand, a French. Nusantara Foundation accommodates 25 orphans who are still attending primary to high school. Meanwhile, Sekolah Kami is committed to help children who are not able to attend school. They get education from teachers who have volunteered to teach at Sekolah Kami.

"Education is very important to me and both foundations provide an excellent opportunity for children less fortunate to obtain the same education with any other children in general. The program is expected to fulfill the company's mission of PT Duta Abadi Primantara that says "everyone deserves a good night sleep" said the Marketing Director of PT Duta Abadi Primantara Robert Jan Meijers.